Auto Meter 2356 Autogage Electric Voltmeter Gauge


  • Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible, well-suited with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
  • Gauge kit includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions for installation
  • Auto Meter’s race proven air-core electric instruments provide quick and accurate readings

Street And Performance tachometers and gauge consoles for the budget minded enthusiast.

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May 23, 2013
I have used many of these in tight applications or cars that only had idiot lights (87 Caddy Broughm and most recent in a '95 Olds 88). There size makes them perfect to mount in the dash or in the case of the Olds, in a useless cubby under the radio. Two of them so far have read 2-3 volts under actual voltage. Kind of worrysome when you see the gauge only at 12 volts with the engine running. Auto Meter warranted one of them but now it is ready way low. Voltage check with quality meter shows 13+volts at the wires and the gauge only showing 12. Will see if I can get the 2nd one replaced under warranty. These are the only two I have had a problem with. I know there are better gauges out there but my space is limited. I also mounted similar oil pressure and temp gauges with no problems with those.
Wayne Hilliard
March 29, 2017
Works great!
Nathan M. Gant
July 24, 2013
haven't installed it on my dash yet, but working on it. Works fine. Recommend for anyone with a need for a convenient voltmeter.

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