Bodyguard Mini Bike Pump - Reliable Hand Air Pump, Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible with Road, Mountain and BMX Bicycle Tires, High Pressure 260 Psi, 7.3 inches 7.3 inches (Black) BP-Black-260


  • NEW HOSE DESIGN - Hose upgraded,one hose, one side is Presta,the other side is Schrade,can randomly change. You can use BODYGUARD bike tire pump as a road bike pump, mountain bike pump and kid's bike pump. Secure thread-on valve connection, enables a super tight seal with no air leaks and NO MORE DAMAGED BIKE TIRE VALVES!
  • 260 PSI MINI BIKE PUMP - The BODYGUARD high volume & high pressure bike pump, can easily switch from high volume (MTB pump) to high pressure (road bike pump), saving 50% energy,let you inflate a tire with no sweat at all and save your energy for cycling.
  • SUPER FAST & SUPER EFFICIENT with no leaks-Flexible air hose design works with tight valve placements. Air hose cleverly stored in handle to maximize compactness, make this bike tire pump will not leak like other bike hand pumps often do!
  • HIGH QUALITY - DURABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT bicycle tire pump. The bike pump is made of 6010 aluminum alloy, 7.7 inches long and weighing in at only 5.6oz, the bike frame can be mounted next to the bottle holder, or put it in your backpack, very convenient .
  • BONUS & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-Included with the bike pump, be prepared for a ball needle & balloon valve, suitable for all balls like basketball, football as well as yoga ball.,If you are not satisfied, just return it, we will replace it or refund your total purchase with no additional just buy with confidence now!

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November 21, 2016
This is a nice neat and compact mini cycle pump, just under 20 cm long and you can fit it to you bike under any water bottle cradle. You can use this on both schrader & presta valves with the handy 2 in 1 hose. For extra security the pump has an elastic strap to keep it in the holder, but it does seem quite secure without it. Also included are two adapters for footballs and inflatable toys / beds etc.
Overall this is an awesome little pump that works better than some of the larger pumps I have used. The size and quality is great and I would definitely recommend this pump.
Harvey Halprin
December 21, 2016
This pump is incredible!

I figured I was going to be buying a tool of less-than-stellar performance because of the price. Also, I had never seen a pump in this hand-held style, so I assumed it was some sort of gimmick.

With hardly any exertion I am able to fill my roadbike tires to capacity, only taking several pumps to do so. It stores neatly and inconspicuously (see picture in small circle on bottom right of stock photo).

The only thing I really feel this pump is missing is a pressure gauge... I'm no professional cyclist, and really have no idea what proper pressure looks like on a tire. For my other vehicles (e.g. car) I always make use of the pressure gauge on the air pumps I am using, which makes filling the tires easy. For the price, though, this product is unbeatable in every way.
James Munchbach
March 30, 2017
Nice pump! Mounts securely under the bottle cage, and doesn't get in the way while riding.

UPDATE: After having this pump installed on my bike for about 500 mikes, I don't feel confident in the security of the mount. The pump is constantly working it's way free from the aluminum clip that secures it to the bike. If you have a don't alter bottle in the cage, it probably wouldn't be able to work itself completely free from the mounting clip... but I definitely wouldn't go on a ride without having a water bottle in the cage to
Latisha A.
September 20, 2017
Ok, So the pump itself seemed like a good pump, I got to use it once and it worked very well, I liked the design and it felt substantial. My problem is with the mounting system. Not sure it they were all like this, however you mount this somewhat flimsy plate to your bike and then slide the mount that holds the pump onto it. It snaps in place however when it snaps in place it does not take much effort to pull it off the mount unsnapping it. This may only be a problem for mountain bikers as this did not last for long, the pump fell off my bike never to be found again within the first week. I was disappointed to look down and see that the pump had released itself from any future service.
Eric B
February 2, 2017
It took me some moments to figure out how to get this pump to work with a presta valve. I found that the pump does not work quite as well with the presta valve as it does with the Schrader valve. It takes more effort to get the pump to attach properly and securely to the presta valve, and it does not pump as easily.
I now use a presta to Schrader converter adapter to pump air into the tire or to check pressure. The pump secures much easier and pumps much faster when using the Schrader. I got a pack of 5 adapter for about $4 on Amazon, and I just leave the adapters on all the time.
The pumping is effortless. I love the small size of the pump. I found that the metal mounting bracket included with the pump causes the pump itself to protrude out to the side of the bike, which I do not like. I may just use velco straps to secure it, or keep it in a small book bag most of the time while riding.
March 23, 2017
Four stars for being light weight, compact, and very well designed and made, with one major exception. Not five stars from me because of one bad design feature which can result in the pump falling out of its mount and off the bike if one tiny piece of plastic breaks. Basically the problem is that the pump clips into the bracket bolted on the bike, and is intended to be held in place by a thin metal strip that engages two tiny plastic retainers. If one breaks off, which happened to me, the resulting wobble can break the other one off, and the pump can then fall out. I would have returned it for that reason, but decided to just carry it in my fanny pack instead, the pump itself is fine. Arrives with no instructions at all, and no clue where it was made. But you can guess.
July 6, 2017
I bought this item for a multi-day bike trip to a friend's lake home. The pump is lightweight yet seems solidly-built. It takes just a few seconds to ready the pump for use: attach the hose to the pump housing and adjust the tip for use with either Schrader or, in my case, Presta valves.

The pump saw service twice on our trip. I needed it to bring my tire pressure up from 72 to 80psi after the first day's ride. My friend used it to top off his 100psi tires after repairing a flat. The procedure was simple and the pump performed flawlessly In both instances.
March 16, 2018
Got it yesterday I tried it today.. Ill give it a 4 star now and in the coming months I'll review again. Works well as of now.. The one thing inpocked up at first glance is the clip that clicked on the clamp is plastic and it does not seem that secure. Again too early to tell but the pump itself is easy to use and most importantly it works..

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