ER316L - TIG Stainless Steel Welding Rod - 36' x 1/16' (5 LB) TGB


  • High Molybdenum Stainless Steel TIG Rod
  • Every Package comes with Material Certification
  • The main component of ER316L is 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo
  • USES: For corrosive enviroments, It has good resistance for acetic acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and salt.
  • Package of 5 Lb

ERL - TIG (GTAW) - STAINLESS STEEL AWS A5.9 Welding Positions: All INTRODUCTION: The main component of ERL is 8Cr-Ni-Mo; it is Stainless steel TIG welding wire. The metal of weld bead has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and excellent crack resistance it has good resistance for acetic acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and salt corrosion because it contains Molybdenum. USES: It is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer equipment such as 06CrNiMo (SUS ) and other materials of welding. It can be used for welding without heat treatment of high Cr steel and various steel welding as well. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (%): Chemical Composition C Mn Si Cr Ni Requirement ?0.080 .00~.50 0.30~0.65 8.00~0.00 .00~4.00 Typical test result 0.040 . 0.45 8.54 .50 Chemical Composition Mo P S Cu Requirement .00~3.00 ?0.030 ?0.030 ?0.5 Typical test result .8 0.08 0.009 0.08 WELDING PARAMETERS (AC OR DC): Diameter (mm) ?.6 ?.0 ?.5 ?3. Welding Current (Amps) 50~00 00~00 00~300 300~400 NOTES: . Shielding gas: Adopt pure Argon gas. Recommendation flow rate: 9-4L/min (AMP 00-00A), 4-8L/min (AMP 00-300A). . Tungsten extension: 3-5mm, Arc length: -3mm. 3. Wind speed limited: ?.0m/s. 4. Use longer backflow of argon shield gas to get better welding result. 5. Mechanic property and metal anti-cracking ability of the welded metal relative by energy pass value on the wire. 6. The welding should be operated in clean surface without rust, moist, oil contamination and dust. The above parameters are for reference purpose and depend on diverse factors. Run tests, evaluate and set your welding parameters before starting the welding job.

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