Franklin Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Inc. 54092X


  • EASY ASSEMBLY design cuts set-up time in half! assembles in minutes, folds in seconds
  • FLAWLESSLY converts any standard table or billiard surface into a table tennis table
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED hinges for effortless installation
  • INCLUDES attachable net.
  • ASSEMBLES to standard 9' x 5' size and breaks down into separate halves (4.5' X 2.5' folded)

The Franklin Sports Table Tennis conversion top lets you quickly transform table top surfaces into table tennis! The easy assembly design and pre-assembled hinges allow for less time setting up and more time playing! Includes table top and net; standard 9' x 5' when totally assembled.

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November 8, 2017
WELL MADE... BUT ... HEAVY. For a top you are planning to take it on and off on a consistant basis, I would not recommend.
If you plan on leaving it up, then yes.. Reviews are not lying when it says it takes 2+ people who have good strength (due to awkwardness. And I could see this scratching a table EASILY!
July 11, 2017
Beautiful table. Did not work for us because of space restriction, but the quality is top notch. Heavy table so you definitely need 2 people to put it together and take it apart. It is perfect if you don;t need to move it from a table top. But if you are looking to place it on top of a pool table and switch from pool to ping pong, I do not recommend it. Too heavy. Shipping was very fast, arrived in a great condition.
December 30, 2017
Item Number 54092X. Item was poorly packaged. Most of the corners are damaged, Veneer at multiple edges is not adhering. Scratches on playing surface. Net posts were shattered into multiple pieces. Either this unit was poorly packaged from the beginning, or it was previously returned by someone else then thrown in a box and shipped to me as a
Sharon Carlson
February 24, 2018
I read other reviews about it being delivered damaged. Sure enough a very roughed up box with a lot of chipped edges. One edged had 3 inched of glued whatever it is scraped off. The net and plastic corners just fall out of the box, no paperwork. Apparently there are plenty of returned ping pong conversion tops. I would rather pay $3 more for better packaging in such a heavy item (press board). It just clicked on it and it is also $78 now which I paid $116 making me remember Amazon's fine cookie system. I decided to keep it rather than bother to ship back such a heavy awkward item saving some other person from getting the returned item yet again. I would have preferred for brand new items I purchase to have all the
Patrick D
February 8, 2018
The edges of the box were broken so that the edges of table were also broken. This is very heavy but I brought it to basement to open it and then I found the table edges also got damaged. I gave up to return it because I can't bring back from basement by myself. I am very unhappy. If there weren't damages, this product wouldn't be bad.
January 12, 2018
Just what I was looking for! I like that I can put this away within a few minutes and store away. Playing surface is very nice! I rated it 4 stars because the net could have been better quality. Fast delivery and no damage. It's not that heavy! It goods, sturdy sturdy! When folded in halve I can move it around with no problem. But you will need someone to help you when you are going to place it on table, that's no big deal. You can set up in few minutes.
August 22, 2017
Exteme damage to corners and side. It said it came in 2 pieces but it actually is in 4 pieces.I barely unpack age it an saw so much damage I sent it back. It was picked up the very next day. Good ridens. I could see it was poor quality..
James Taua
June 4, 2018
Super freaking heavy, weak hinges that will scratch your table if you don't lay something down first. I used a moving blanket and it still scratched my pool table.

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